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Bozburun is connected to Marmaris and is located in the west of the city, immediately opposite the Greek island of Symi, and may be reached by the rocky folded hills.

Apart from honey, olive and olive oil, mint, thyme, sage, eucalyptus, laurel, and black cumin are collected and produced as plants or by extracting their oils in the city, where agriculture cannot become widespread due to its difficult geological structure.

The history of Bozburun, which is located in the ancient Caria area, stretches back 3000 years. The town was constructed on the site of the ancient city Tymnos, which was located in a geographical area that has hosted several civilizations throughout history. It is said to have gotten its name from Bosprina, Daracia’s most important settlement and harbour. Turkish communities fleeing Mongol invasions migrated from Central Asia, crossing the Taurus Mountains to Marmaris and then Daraçya, where they lived alongside other ethnic groups in the region. Only the Turks remained in the town after the exchange movement in accordance with the Treaty of Lausanne.

During the summer, Bozburun, which is one of the major ports of call for charter blue cruise yachts, is a bustling and packed tourist destination, while the winter months are quieter. The closest air transportation to the town, which is 50 km away from Marmaris by road, is from Dalaman Airport, which is 150 km away. There is also a car rental company in the town with regular minibus services to Marmaris.

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bozburun Phoenix Ancient CityPhoenix Ancient City

It is 14 km from Bozburun and 4 km from Taşlıca Village. Phoenix, which was built on the Asar Hill in the distance, is an ancient Carian city. It is known that Phoenix was founded about 2400 years ago. The ruins of the city are located in an area of ​​​​about 500 square meters. The square and tombs of the ancient city have been well preserved and have survived to the present day. The rock tombs on the way to Phoenix are quite remarkable. In the ancient city, the temple ruins, which has survived to the present day, stand out. Loryma Ancient City.

Although there is no clear information about the history of the ancient city, which is in the southwestern part of the Bozburun Peninsula and is now called Bozukkale, it dates back to BC. We know that in 1412, the fleet of Athens was stationed in this ancient city. Among the ruins spread over a wide area, the most striking one is a slender, long castle. The castle was supported by round and tall towers at the corners and rectangular towers at the edges. There are cisterns carved into the rock at both ends of the building. The inscription carved into the rock southeast of the city walls states that the building was dedicated to Zeus Atabyrios. At the foot of the hill that stretches along the coast, there are caves where the sacred offerings were placed, and the ruins on the shore belong to the shipyard. You can reach the ruins from the sea by boat, or you can walk from Taşlıca.

Bozukkale, which is a must-visit on the route of Hisarönü Bay starting from Bozburun, is one of the rare blue cruise anchorage areas that combines the turquoise sea and history.