Step by step Yacht Charter Vacation

Step by Step Yacht Charter Vacation

Stages Of Blue Cruise

Every year, the number of people who yacht charter cruises in Turkey increases, and our customers who recognize and appreciate the benefits of boat vacation have begun to prefer boat rentals over hotel vacations. In this setting, the varieties and quantities of boats are continuously rising to fulfil the current demand. Our objective is to provide you with the best possible options based on our experience during the planning stage of your blue cruise vacation and to accept your gratitude at the end of the trip.

Number of Passengers

First and foremost, you should determine who you want to travel with on your yacht cruise holiday and get organized. The number of friends, family members, or children in your group will have a significant impact on the sort of boat you choose. You can define the number of people, including children and babies, and complete the first stage of your vacation planning in this direction.

Selection of Dates

After you’ve determined how many people will be attending, you’ll need to decide when all the participants will be available. The blue cruise in Turkey is best done between the end of April and the end of October, due to the weather conditions. Tours typically span seven nights and eight days, beginning and finishing on Saturday. The summer season, which runs from July to August, as well as the holiday weeks, are the busiest and most expensive times of the year. You must select a date that meets your own needs. For example, due to the crowds, it is not recommended for our customers to plan a blue cruise holiday in peaceful and serene bays to travel during peak season.

Our guests, who can be flexible for date ranges, can evaluate our campaigned boats on our website.

Setting a Budget

The most important step after establishing the number of individuals in your group and the date is determining your budget. 4-cabin, 8-passenger boat, for example, can be had for anywhere between 7000 and 100,000 Euros per week. As a result, if you tell us an average budget, we won’t offer you yacht that don’t suit your criteria or are hugely overpriced. As a result, we will not waste time with misleading displays in our offers and will be able to provide you with the best solutions as quickly as possible.

Route Selection

There are more than 10 route options in weekly trips around the coast between Bodrum and Antalya that you may examine in Turkish maritime borders, as well as five different routes that cover the Greek Islands. While some of our boats can do all the routes we mentioned, some of our boats do not prefer to serve on routes other than the port they are connected to. Our blue cruise regular customers can choose a different route each year, or they can choose the same route each year as long as it meets their expectations. Blue Voyage not only provides you with access to the sea and nature but also allows you to learn about the region’s culture and history. Our sales representative can provide you with full information about the ruins, tourist attractions, and other activities along your journey. Given that all our routes are breathtakingly gorgeous and worth seeing, we advise first-time blue cruise passengers not to insist on picking a route. In this way, we can offer you more advantageous alternatives by considering the product-price index in the offers we will create considering your flexible routes.

Boat Selection

Our professional staff gathers boat options and prepares your offer using specific filters based on your expectations and the information you’ve provided. When assessing the charter boats available, our guests typically examine the pricing, length, and width of the boat. The price and the size of the living rooms are essential factors, but the age of the rental boat, the year of renewal, the equipment, cabin distribution, the quality of the materials used, the furnishings, and cleanliness are all factors to consider when selecting a yacht. Aside from them, the crew standards that serve you for a week play an important role in your enjoyable blue cruise vacation. The number of personnel and the duties they perform are listed in the information provided at the yacht presentation stage. Our rental yacht reviews or your sales consultant can provide you with more comprehensive information.

Planning of Food, Beverages and Goods

After your boat selection, you will be presented with menu options based on your chef’s abilities and the adequacy of our kitchen equipment. If you want to entirely forget about meal planning, you can either choose from the menus we’ve supplied and proceed with the daily rates per person, or you can work with our food department personnel, who will contact you one week before your trip date, to develop your own menu. Our personnel will provide the entire menu and list of needs to be prepared, which will be sent to the boat. The menu includes all the primary and auxiliary meal supplies, as well as all consumables and cleaning supplies used throughout the trip. We will also manage your shopping and transportation to the boat if you send us a list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. You can also give their invoices to our employees at the boat’s entrance.

Reservation, Payment and Pre-Tour

After you define the yacht you like from the gulet proposal we sent, if the boat’s availability continues, you will be sent our pre-contract, option e-mail and account numbers. When you submit us a deposit of 50% of the total tour cost till the specified option date, your reservation will be completed. Your signed and stamped contract, as well as a confirmation e-mail, will be forwarded to you after that. You can pay the remaining 50% payment in cash to a representative from at the boat’s entrance.

Private Yacht Charter Contract

Our operations staff will send you an e-mail with all the relevant information one week before the tour date and will call you to discuss the details.
A staff member who shares his contact numbers with you before the tour starts day will meet you at the harbour and accompany you until you reach the yacht, complete your necessary needs, and untie the ropes of the boat.

Transfer & Transportation

Our holiday makers who wish to travel by plane can fly to Antalya, Dalaman, or Bodrum-Milas, depending on the departure ports of our boats. Upon request, we provide airport-to-port transportation. Our transfer fees vary depending on distance and number of passengers; your sales specialist will provide you with more information.