Yacht Crew Importance

Boat Crew and Its Importance

Gulets, trawlers, and motoryachts are crewed in private boat charters; sailboats and catamarans are available without a crew for our visitors with a license. Our visitors who do not have a captain’s license or who want to gain expertise can hire the captain, cook, and service employees for an additional price based on their needs. Crewed yachts are commonly welcomed on blue cruise vacations in our country. All our crew members have the appropriate licenses and certificates, including basic first aid, fire prevention and suppression, personal lifesaving skills at sea, adequacy of life-saving equipment, and personnel safety training. The number of crew members varies depending on the boat’s quality, size, and passenger capacity. For example, on a 2-cabin boat with standard features, the captain can also cook, take an assistant, and give service; on a deluxe boat with 2 cabins, a crew of four can include the captain, cook, sailor, and service people (hostess). On ultra-luxury yachts, there may be as many personnel as passengers, if not more. A captain, a second captain, a cook, two or three sailors, an oiler (machinist), a cabin attendant (housekeeper), water sports personnel, and service staff serve VIPs 24 hours a day, seven days a week on such vessels. These teams are hand-picked. It is not a pipe dream to be able to speak 4-5 various languages aboard a boat, to offer a variety of flavours from around the world, or to have a massage therapist on crew. The main issue that we have experienced over the years; No matter how new, big and high-quality boat it is, insufficient staff means a blue voyage where expectations are not met during your holiday in a certain square meter. As a company, our priority is that we prefer to work with teams that are experienced, friendly, loving their job, meticulous, adopting guest satisfaction, respecting private life and complying with our privacy principles.