About Gulets

About Gulet Yachts

Gulets are traditional wooden sailboats that are often built-in accordance with a project by skilled craftsmen. Due to the width of its living areas, its big capacity, and the cost advantages it provides, it is primarily selected for a blue voyage.

Today, its dimensions are usually between 12 and 15 meters, and it comes in a variety of sizes and styles that can accommodate 2 to 36 people and are ideal for any budget or style.

All gulet cabins are custom-designed with the needs of the guests in mind. On standard boats, there are solutions for all kinds of demands, including mattresses, side tables, wardrobes, showers, and toilets. In addition, depending on the size and quality of the boat, many privileges such as refrigerator, dresser, safe box, work desk, service phone, smart control system, make-up table, dressing room, jacuzzi can be offered to you.

Gulets, like all other forms of boats, prioritize passenger safety. The boats are built following the required specifications and classes. Beyond that, inspectors from the port authority inspect the equipment and certificates in great detail during both sea and land controls. After the inspections, a “fit for sailing” certificate is issued to the boat that has no flaws. The Coast Guard will conduct these inspections throughout the season. Additionally, all members of the crew onboard have the requisite licenses and certifications of competence in the event of an emergency.

Gulets are propelled by one or two engines. Fuel consumption in boats designed is much less than motor yachts and is usually included in the yacht rental price. They may also sail when the weather and sea conditions are favourable. However, since these ships are made of heavy wooden material and need very large sails, adequate equipment, a professional crew are required for a superb sailing experience. To satisfy your sailing requirements, we suggest that you communicate your expectations to your guletcharter.org sales consultant.