Gocek Travel Guide

Gocek, today’s Fethiye, is a Lycian settlement located between Telmessos (Fethiye) and Kaunos (Dalyan), the Lycian civilization’s two developed cities in the past. Unfortunately, only a few structures from the city, which was once known as Kalimche, remain. No excavation work was done since the main settlement area could not be determined. Until the 1980s, the town, which might be described as the Aegean gateway to the Mediterranean, was a peaceful area. Construction is regulated in Gocek, which is also part of the Special Environmental Protection Area, and various associations and organizations actively work to conserve the town. Before their blue cruise vacation, our customers who book a Gocek yacht charter or Gocek gulet charter services can consider the following transportation choices.

Dalaman Airport is about 19 kilometers from Gocek. Because it is so far away, transportation is easy to come by. The town lies 27 kilometers from Fethiye city center, to which it is connected. It is 89 km from the city center of Mugla, 307 km from Izmir, 225 km from Burdur, 178 km from Denizli, 219 km from Antalya, 206 km from Bodrum, Marmaris. 98 km., 130 km. to Kas. is at a distance.

Gocek Destination Routes

The top attractions to visit in Gocek

Fethiye DalyanDalyan – Ancient City of Kaunos

Iztuzu Beach in Dalyan, which is located on the main channel between Koycegiz Lake and the Mediterranean Sea, is one of the beaches where sea turtles, Caretta Carettas, lay their eggs. In the city, there is also the historic city of Kaunos, which is less developed due to its distance from the major road of 12 kilometers. On the Caria – Lycian boundary, Kaunos, one of Miletos’ twin children, founded the ancient city on the opposite side of the Dalyan Strait. In ancient times, Kaunos was a port city, but it eventually moved inland from the coast. Dalyan’s main symbol has always been the rock tombs at the city’s entrance. In addition, the city is surrounded by around 3 kilometers. Kaunos was a prosperous city in ancient times, as evidenced by the extensive defence walls, stoa, agora, fountain, bath, theatre, and temple ruins. The only way to get to Kaunos is by boat from Dalyan. If our guests renting a boat in Gocek are heading west, towards Marmaris, they can anchor in Ekincik and take a Dalyan – Kaunos tour.

Is the cost of a boat excursion in Dalyan included in the price of a Gocek yacht charter? No, your blue cruise service does not include the cost of rental boat. An additional price is charged for the Dalyan boat rental tour. If you wish, you can learn the details and prices from your sales consultant.

Air transportation to the city is provided by Dalaman Airport, which is 30 km away. The distance of Dalyan to Mugla is 94 km. It is 284 km from Izmir, 191 km from Bodrum, 247 km from Antalya. and 60 km from Fethiye. is at a distance.

CadiandaKadyanda (Cadianda) Ancient City

It is 25 km from the centre of Fethiye. The ancient city of Cadianda, located at 4 km, was founded on a hill on Geyran Mountain, 400 meters above the town of Uzumlu Village. This city, which was used as an athletics centre in ancient times, is the last city to join the Lycians. The ancient city, which dates to 3000 BC and makes a difference with its historical texture spread over a wide area, is surrounded by pine trees today. Some of the city walls surrounding the city, rock tombs and some inscriptions are among the remains dated to the earliest periods. In addition, the Hellenistic theatre, bath, jogging track, agora, temple ruins, tombs, cisterns and dense civil architectural structures, which were repaired and used in the Roman Period, have survived to the present day.

Visiting hours: Summer period 9.00 – 19.00; Winter period 08.00 – 17.00.

fethiye kayakoyKayakoy

13 km from Fethiye. Kayakoy, located in the south and known as Karmylassos in the Ancient Period, dates to the 3rd century BC according to the available data and lived in the city until it was evacuated in 1923 as a result of the rights granted to minorities in the late Ottoman Empire. All the buildings that we watched based on the slope in the abandoned city were built by the Greeks, and after the destruction it suffered over time and natural factors, it took on the image of a ghost city. At the time of use of the city, there are 350-400 residences, each of which is not larger than 50 m2 in terms of view and light, with two floors, the lower floors of which are generally used as cellars, and underground cisterns on the roof where the rainwater is collected. In addition to the residences, there are many chapels, 2 large churches, 1 school building, mills and 1 customs house.

Our yacht charters that take Gocek blue cruise services can experience historical beauties by adding Fethiye to their routes. Our passengers, who are taken from the yacht they rented in Fethiye harbour, can visit the ancient city of Kayakoy and Kadyanda, Tlos, Xantos. This land tour service, which is provided with a guide and private vehicles, is not included in the boat rental fee. We recommend that our guests who don’t want to spend all their times on the yachts, consider this land trip on their blue cruise vacation.

Fethiye Archeology MuseumMuseum of Archaeology in Fethiye

The Fethiye Museum, which houses regional antiquities, is divided into two sections: archeology and ethnography. Since 1987, the museum has been welcoming visitors to the relics acquired from the metropolitan environment following the 1957 disaster. The order is chronologically organized in the Fethiye Museum, which houses various pieces from the Byzantine, Roman, Hellenistic, Archaic, and Bronze Age period. The archeological area has a lot of ceramics, the ethnography section has a lot of hand-woven samples, handicrafts, and caftans that are peculiar to the region, and the garden has a lot of enormous stone-block objects, sarcophagi, and the Izraza Monument. Visiting hours are 08.00-17.00 in the winter and 08.00-19.00 in the summer.

Gemile BayGemile (St. Nicholas) Island

20 kilometers away from Fethiye downtown. Gemile Bay near Kayakoy provides transportation to Gemile Island, which is located at a distance. Gemile or St. Nicholas island, located in the Oludeniz and known as Smybola in the Middle Ages, has risen to prominence with the construction of predominantly religious towns since the 5th century. The island became a popular commerce and travel destination for European and Eastern Mediterranean countries, and it became a pilgrimage site for Christians. Aside from several church and chapel, religious education schools were also established. There are houses that are the shelters of people who work and live outside the religious buildings on the island. Due to the rocky nature of the island, the foundations of churches and houses were carved into the rock.

Is it possible to rent a boat from Gocek and visit Gemile Island – St. Nicholas Island within the blue cruise route? Yes, it is possible. Gemile Island is the first or last evening anchoring point for our guests who take the Gocek boat rental service and choose the Kekova route. In addition, our guests can add Oludeniz and Gemile island to the Gocek active blue cruise route. After reaching Gemile Island with a boat cruise from Gocek, which takes about 2 hours, we recommend you to go to the castle and watch the sunset. Our guests who do not want to make a long cruise on the Gocek blue cruise route and do not prefer the Gemile route can reach the following location by land.