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Cabin Charters Turkey

Cabin Charters Turkey

What is Cabin Charter? What is Shared Gulet Cruises?

Cabin Charter Programs are a type of blue cruise that is organized within certain routes with definite departures, where only cabins are rented without the need for guests to know each other. It has grown in popularity every year as a all-round alternative holiday options, especially for solo travelers and couples.

Cabin charter programs are usually organized with gulet type boats with 6 to 8 cabins. Cabin Charter Tours initially started as an Economic Holiday option, using only standard category boats without air conditioning. Nowadays, it is also organized with Lux category boats, which offers air conditioning usage options.

How does food and beverage services are made on Cabin Charters?

Cabin Charter Food & Beverage Programs have breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea time and dinner included in the price. All Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic drinks are served from the yacht bars extra. On our program options we offer, 1 bottle of water per person is included in the price during meal services. Since gulets do not have a pos machine, we recommend that you review the Bar Price Lists to calculate how much cash you will need to take with you. It is also important to consider the tips left for the crew who will serve you during your cruise.

Can we choose our Gulet on Cabin Charter programmes?

We do make sure that all gulets that will be running the programs are under the same conditions so that there is no difference in the service quality and facilities offered in the Cabin Charter Programs. All necessary health and safety checks are made by Yacht Charter Agencies. These details are extremely important for the continuity of our programmes and customer satisfaction. Although our programs are presented with a definite departure, which boat will go to the program will be finalized 1-2 days before the tour. For this reason, it is not possible to choose the gulets during the reservation stage, and it is not possible for us to share the gulet names or pictures with our guests. Since all our gulets have the same conditions, we can only share sample photos with our guests.

What are the advantages of Cabin Charter programmes?

Cabin Charter Programmes are a cruises that you can join alone or with your partner without the need for a group. You do not need to think about any details such as choosing a gulet, determining a budget or shopping and loading food and drinks on the Gulet Cabin Charter Turkey. Cabin Charter Tour is ideal for meeting new people from different cultures and making new friendships, as guests are not made up of a single nationality. Away from the routines of daily life, it offers the opportunity to chat in an environment where interest and attention do not moves away. Guests who join our Cabin Charter Sailing Holidays go back with lots of good memories.

You can only understand the difference between visiting the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts from the sea and having a hotel holiday, just by experiencing it and seeing it with your own eyes. We look forward to your contact for the availability and price details of our Cabin Charter Programs that will change your perspective on your holiday habits.

What are the differences of lux programs to standard programs without air conditioning?

Air-conditioning Lux ​​Programs are organised with Gulets on higher category. The most evident difference of the gulets in the higher category is that they have recently undergone renovations and are air-conditioned gulets in line with today’s standarts. Since it offers guests the opportunity to use air conditioning for 4-6 hours during the day, it is preferred for guests who want to join the programs especially in July – August when the heat is felt most intensely. Another difference is that the gulets in the air-conditioning Lux ​​programs have bathrooms with shower cabins.

The food menus in the Lux ​​Programs contain slight differences compared to the Standart Programs. For example, while 2 types of mezes are served with the main course in Standard programs, 3 types of mezes are offered in Lux programs with the main courses. There is no quality difference in the products we use. Our food menus consist of options that have been presented to the guests in previous years and have positive feedbacks. We pay particular attention to the use of seasonal fresh products. Fresh products such as salad ingredients are loaded onto gulets for maximum of 2-3 days. In the middle of the tour, we top up our fresh pruducts to be presented to our guests in their most fresh form.

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