Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s for Gulet Charters

Is the Blue Cruise safe?

Certainly. On our boats, all safety precautions have been taken under the standards. There are enough life jackets, lifebuoys, and life rafts for the number of passengers on board. All equipment is subjected to land-sea controls at the start of the season, and the coast guard conducts routine inspections throughout the tour. Our licensed crew also has certificates of qualification.

What are the 19 measures performed on sailing yachts includıng covid?

At every guest change, our sailing boats are disinfected in precise detail and with special machines. Every day, the temperature of all our guests and staff is measured and recorded. On the deck, there are also hand sanitisers, masks, and gloves for common use.

How are we going to find the charter boat we rent from the port?

Before sailing, our office staff will contact you and provide you with the contact information for our responsible person in the area. On the day of the tour, our team will meet you at the harbour and give you access to the boat.

Are you getting an airport transfer?

Yes, we pick up our guests from the airport and transfer them to their charter yacht or anywhere they would like to go in luxury private vehicles. The cost varies according to the number of people and the distance travelled.

Are passengers and yachts have insurance?

Definitely. Our passengers are covered by third-party liability insurance and our rental boats are subject to the declared current market price. Each boat’s insurance conditions and scope different. Therefore, we advise our guests to purchase their additional travel insurance.

How is the payment procedure?

A 50% prepayment is made for the reservation confirmation and the remaining payment is collected in cash at the boat entrance.

Can i tip at the end of the tour?

As in all service sectors, it is appropriate to tip 5% – 15%, depending on your taste, in the blue cruise sector.

Are children or babies allowed on charter yachts?

Yes, we accept children and babies on our yachts. However, they are still counted as passengers, so you should not exceed the boat’s total capacity. For safety reasons, nets may be installed around the railings on some of our boats. Please contact us ahead of time if you have a request in this regard. Furthermore, we want you to be aware that due to the busy working system that requires long hours, our crew will not be able to devote time to your children. If nanny service needed, we recommend contacting your sales consultant.

Do the charter boats have high chair and baby cot?

Unfortunately, it is a detail that is not available on most sailing yacht charters in Turkey, but if you request, we can make it available as You will not have to pay an extra fee for this service.

How is the route determined?

Our captain receives the route details that you clarified during your blue cruise planning. Considering the weather and sea conditions, our captain plots his course in the direction of density. Please inform our captain at the start of the tour if there are any islands or bays that you have heard of or researched from your friends. This way, you can avoid taking unnecessary cruises and schedule a more satisfying blue cruise vacation. We can take anchor and move to a different islands or bays if you don’t like the berthing area after anchoring, but we kindly request that you make a request, taking into account the delay that may occur in routine works during the manoeuvres.

How many places is our yacht charter will be anchored during sailing?

Anchoring at 2 – 3 different islands or bays during the day is the ideal number to ensure that all our experienced crew provide quality service to you. Of course, 5-6 anchoring requests can be met to see more places, but there will be disruptions in the routine work of all personnel during navigation and manoeuvring. In such a case, less variety and a late meal would be a likely situation.

Does the yacht charter return to the harbour in the evenings?

No, an overnight stay is in the islands and bays. If you have any special requests, please contact our sales consultant. We are more than happy to assist with your needs.

What should we bring on the blue cruise with us?

First and foremost, we recommend that you remember to take any necessary medications based on your current health situation. Bring a jacket or sweatshirt in case it gets cold in the evenings, sports shoes if you want to go ashore and hike, sea shoes if you prefer to swim in shallow water, a snorkelling equipment if you want to explore the underwater world and a sleeping bag if you want to sleep outside. Given the cabin widths, we recommend that you bring your luggage and use as few small suitcases as possible.

Can we use shoes or slippers on the yacht?

The interior and exterior areas of our charter boats are carefully cleaned at every guest change and during sailing. If you are sensitive to heat or the subject, you can use new, clean bottoms, non-heeled, soft and flat-soled shoes or slippers.

Can we smoke cigarettes and water pipe on sailing boat?

It is not possible in the interior living areas of gulets. It is okay to smoke cigarettes and cigars outside in windless weather, but our captains can warn you to smoke at the table in windy weather. The water pipes is not suitable as it may fall during shaking and the embers may damage the deck.

Do charter yachts have private shower and toilet?

All cabins of each of our boats have showers and toilets.

How can we charge our phone, laptop, tablet etc?

Our yachts provide electricity with the operation of the engine, generator and solar panels. All our gulets have sufficient equipment for charging.

Are the phones have coverage during the blue cruise?

There are very few areas with low signal, however, communication is not a problem during the sailing cruises.

Do the charter boats have internet, wi-fi?

Yes, all our yachts are provided with internet-Wi-Fi services in Turkish territorial waters.

Is internet service available in all bays and islands during the blue cruise?

Yes, we can offer internet services in almost all bays. Due to the change in global working conditions, our guests can hold video conferences during their holidays or students can join their classes online. For this reason, if you have a planned meeting, our captain will anchor in a place with high signal strength. Please inform your captain beforehand.

Should we bring towels?

All of our gulet charter in Turkey have hand and bath towels. Beach towels and loincloths are a service, available on the middle class and above boats. You can learn this information from the details of the yacht you rented.

Should we bring our pillow and blankets?

No, they are readily available in our charter yachts. All pillows, blankets and bedsheets are cleaned and sanitized before tours. For your special requests, we kindly ask you to inform in advance and discuss the details with your representative.

Is there a pillow menu on charter yachts?

It can be found on some of the higher class yachts and VIP boats. We can make the necessary preparations if you inform us in advance about your sensitivity on the subject.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not suitable for sailing holiday due to various reasons. It is possible for cats and dogs to damage the deck in order to maintain balance. In addition, if a guest who will stay on our boat after you has a hair of feather allergy, it can cause serious medical problems. Nevertheless, we convey our guests’ requests to our captains and proceed in line with their responses.

Are we allowed fishing during sailing?

Yes, it is possible. Our charter yachts are equipped with amateur fishing gear. However, we suggest that you bring your own professional equipment, like many guests, particularly children, use this equipment. Moreover, we advise that you be cautious of contamination from bait, fish blood, or scales.

Can we do fishing from the yacht’s service boat?

Our service boats can be used for rope mooring, guest transportation, and other particular circumstances. We are unable to respond to you with a yes or no at this time. In the company of staff, our captain may grant permission, subject to certain conditions. If our captain does not approve of this issue, we kindly ask you not to be insistent.

Are there dangerous animals at sea during yacht cruise?

Just like seas in every region, it is possible to encounter jellyfish periodically. Although it is not a very poisonous species in our country, we recommend that you do not encounter it. There are sea turtles (Caretta caretta), especially in Gocek Bays. To date, there have been no shark attacks in Turkey during the blue cruise adventure.

What should we do if we experience a health problem during the blue cruise?

In case of a health problem during sailing, our experienced crew with first aid training will do the first intervention. First aid kits are available on all yachts, and regular checks are made to ensure that expired or declining products are supplied. At the same time, wherever we are, we can request assistance from the coast guard at any time of the day.

What should we do against sea-sickness?

We keep medicines against seasickness on our gulets. However, if you have experienced seasickness before, we recommend that you bring medicine and special bands with you.

What should we do when encountering a problem during the blue voyage?

Regardless of the issue that does not meet your expectations or bothers you in the current situation, you can first consult our captain. If your problem is not resolved, you can contact your representative. For us to intervene and remedy your needs, we kindly ask you to send your requests before the end of your sailing holiday.

What extra activities can we do during sailing?

  • You can have one or more dinners suitable for your route at the island restaurants.
  • You can take nature hikes on the islands and the bays.
  • You can visit the ruins within your route.
  • You can participate in scuba diving or tourism activities in your tour area. (Such as paragliding, jeep safari etc.)
  • You can rent a jet-ski, seabob, parasailing, paddleboard, bicycle paddle, canoe, Ringo, banana, water ski, wakeboard, surf and inflatable motorboat services
  • You can request DJ, dance teams, various instrumental team services, and rent custom sound and light systems.