Building Up Food & Beverage Menu

Rationing & Food and Bevarage

Depending on the class of the yacht and the abilities of the chef, several menus might be prepared. As a result, depending on the number of people, the number of days, your meals, or the menu you select, separate needs lists are prepared for the rental boat. Our authorized personnel will contact you before to each tour to discuss the menu and develop your needs lists in accordance with your expectations.

The number of kids and babies, adult nutritional preferences, food allergies, if any, and our guests who are vegan or vegetarian are all determined during this interview. The menu is produced based on the information provided, and all specifics are relayed to the boat crew.

Yacht charter menu prices:

Our company is responsible for planning, preparing, supplying, transporting your food stock to the boat, and organizing the deficiencies throughout the tour on your behalf, considering every aspect of the menu. The major and auxiliary products used in the preparation and presentation of the products, as well as personal care products and general cleaning materials, are all purchased by a guest who purchases a meal. As a result, there will be no additional expense.

Menus purchased in line with the quality of the boat are calculated daily and per person.

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You can buy your alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks yourself in this system, give us a list and request their supply or include the drink in your menu. If you include local soft drinks in the menu, 5 Euros per person per day, 50 Euros if you request local alcoholic drinks, and 75 Euros if you include foreign alcoholic drinks will incur a cost excluding the menu payment.