Bodrum Travel Guide

With its metropolitan texture, world-famous restaurants, nightlife, historical and natural charms, Bodrum, one of Turkey’s most known tourism destinations, is a popular tourist destination. Furthermore, it is the primary area where blue cruise lovers seek boat rental services, with a focus on high class boat rental options.

The city, which attracts sea lovers with its marinas and more than 60 blue flag beaches, was created by the Leleges in 2000 BC, according to Herodotus’ works; in the past, Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines, and lastly Turks reigned. In ancient times, the city was known as Halicarnassus, and The castle, which was built during the reign of the Knights of St. Jean, was given the name Petrium after St. Peter, and it was later renamed Petrum, Potrum, and finally Bodrum.

The city’s air transportation is served by Milas-Bodrum Airport, which is 35 kilometers away. A double-lane asphalt route over Milas provides automobile access to Bodrum, which is not located at a major highway junction. Bodrum is 121 kilometers from Mugla, 236 kilometers from Izmir, and 163 kilometers from Marmaris. It is also 231 kilometers from Fethiye. You can also reach Datca and nearby Greek Islands by ferry services.

Bodrum Destination Routes

Places Worth To Visit In Bodrum

Some of the historical, cultural and artistic points you can visit in Bodrum are as follows:

Bodrum CastleBodrum Castle

Bodrum Castle, which played a vital part in the city’s defense, was constructed by the Knights of St.Jean. The castle is square in shape and 180 185 meters in size, and it is located on a rocky peninsula between two ports, surrounded on three sides by sea. Following the Ottoman invasion of Rhodes, the fortress was abandoned by the knights and utilized as a jail until 1895. Since the 1960s, the castle has been operated as a museum after being devastated by a French battleship during World War I and remaining abandoned for 40 years. Among the most important tourist attractions is Bodrum Castle, which is one of the city’s symbols and houses the Underwater Archeology Museum.

Underwater Archeology Museum is a relaxing activity that you can do before or after your gulet charter holiday.

Visiting hours are 08.30-18.30 (summer period) and 08.30-16.30 (Winter period) from April to October. During the winter, it is closed on Mondays.

bodrum underwater archeology museumUnderwater Archeology Museum

Bodrum Castle is home to Turkey’s only underwater archeological museum, one of only a few in the world. The museum, which includes 14 display halls, houses the world’s largest collection of Eastern Mediterranean amphorae. Apart from the amphoras, one of the world’s oldest sunken ship remains is a sunken ship from 1025 in the Serce Limani Glass Wreck Hall of the museum, which houses the world’s largest Islamic Glass Collection and sunken ship remains. In each exhibition hall, you can find diverse historical textures and witness history. Because charter gulets and yachts change passengers on Saturdays, we recommend visiting the museum in Bodrum harbor, which is within walking distance of the charter boats, while your yacht is being readied for you.

Visiting hours: Summer: 08.30 – 19.00 / Winter: 08.30 – 18.30. Closed on Mondays

Bodrum Ancient TheaterAncient Theater

This ancient theater, which was built in the 19th century on the outskirts of Göktepe Mountain in Bodrum’s central region, is now used as a concert venue and hosts numerous festivals. The theater, which according to available data had a capacity of 13.000 people in its original form, is Anatolia’s oldest known ancient theater, with a current capacity of 4000 people. A short stroll up the Göktepe mountain will lead you to a number of sarcophagi and tombstones from the Roman and Hellenistic periods, all of which feature the appropriate death symbols. On the first and last night of your blue cruise, the boats that charter gulets anchor near the center of Bodrum. You can join the concerts in the summer evenings and make your blue cruise holiday more colorful.

Visiting hours: 09.00-19.00 in summer, 08.00-17.00 in winter.

bodrum-Mausoleion Open Air MuseumMausoleion Open Air Museum

This mausoleum, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, was begun by the Carian Satrap Mausolos while he was still alive and completed by his wife and sister Artemisia after his death in 353 BC. Mausolos is one of the most significant satraps of the time, having designed the largest and most distinctive tomb of the period by mixing Greek and Egyptian architecture to signify his immortality. In addition to attracting attention with his expansionist agenda, the satrap maintained strong relations with the Persian king and acted as an independent ruler despite not being one. Visitors can only see what remains of the mausoleum in the area where this magnificent structure, which is now used as an open-air museum, rises; they can see a foundation pit carved into the rock, the staircase on which Mausolos’ corpse was lowered for burial, the reconstructed outlines of the burial chamber, the fragments of colossal columns, and architectural stone deposits. We recommend that you visit the inside display hall first when you take a break from your boat rental vacation and enter the area where the mausoleum is located. The model of the tomb, its topography map, and other features may be found in this section.

Visiting hours: every day except Mondays; 08:00-19:00 in summer, 08:00-17:00 in winter.

bodrum Myndos GateMyndos Gate

You may witness the Turkish cemetery and vaulted tombs from the Hellenistic and Roman periods when you visit the Myndos Gate, which is near to the Gumbet cemetery. We recommend that you include a visit to the Myndos Gate in your Bodrum blue cruise schedule.

bodrum Maritime MuseumThe Maritime Museum

The Marine Museum, which opened in October 2011, tells the tale of boat building and maritime growth in Bodrum, the core of our coastal city, as well as blue cruise and boat rental services, from the beginning to the present. Prior to the beginnings of boat production, the tiny number of boats used for sponge diving, fishing, and sailing in Bodrum came primarily from Greece, with a minor number from Italy. From the beginning to the present, the evolution of Bodrum type boats, which began with the efforts of individual masters after WWII and which we can now export and which has a substantial share in the expansion of the blue cruise industry, is displayed. Since the 1960s, the Gulsen and Hasan Gulesci couple have accumulated 4000 rich seashell collections and seashell-themed stamp collections from all over the world. Special images of our famous writer Cevat Sakir Kabaaacli, also known as the Fisherman of Halicarnassus and associated with Bodrum, from his family book, historical records, his own works, paintings, and personal things are also on display. During your Bodrum yacht charter service, we recommend that you examine and visit this unique museum.

Visiting hours: 1 November-30 April (Winter period) Tuesday-Sunday 09.30-17.30; 2 June-31 October (Summer term) Tuesday-Sunday 10.00-17.00.

bodrum zeki murenZeki Muren Art Museum

The two-storey house where Zeki Muren, one of Turkey’s most important voices, our sun of art, lived from 1980 until 1996, when he passed away, has been turned into a museum with respect to his memory. You can experience nostalgia by witnessing his memories in the museum where the artist’s car, stage costumes, jewelry, paintings, private collections, awards, photographs and letters from fans are exhibited. If you are going to get on the boat at Bodrum Municipality port, you can take 5 minutes by car, if you are going on a sailing from Bodrum Halikarnas Pier, 3 minutes on foot, if your blue cruise tour will start from the Bodrum Cruise Port, you can take 5 minutes by car and visit the Zeki Muren Art Museum.

Visiting hours: 1 April – 1 October (Summer Period) Weekdays 10:00 – 19:00
1 October – 1 April (Winter Period) Weekdays 08:30 – 17:30.

bodrum Pedasa Ancient CityPedasa Ancient City

It dates back to 400 BC and is one of the cities built by the Leleges who lived in this area. The Leleges, on whom we have based all of our information on information passed down from ancient writers and historians, are known to have been excellent stonemasons and warriors. They created a name for themselves by creating architectural structures without the need of mortar or lime, as well as by innovating in their battle gear (shields, helmets). In addition to the best-preserved ancient city of Pedasa, which is now located in Gökçeler in the Konacik region, Leleges is said to have founded eight cities, according to the famed geographer Strabo, and six cities, according to Plinius. Aside from these castle cities, the peninsula is home to several tiny communities and structures. The architectural structures of these settlements, which can be classified as towns or castle settlements, are interesting. Its temple, various types of monumental stone tombs, palace ruins, towers, roads, walls, necropolis, agricultural terraces, farm buildings, acropolis, and castle walls are spread across a large area stretching from Konacik Hill to Torba Harbour, on the top of stone blocks carved without the use of any binding material on the foundation. It was created by stacking on top of each other. The ancient city of Pedasa, which is located 4 kilometers from the center of Bodrum and is easily accessible via direction signs, has a very beautiful and long walking track that is ideal for trekking lovers. After the boat rental service, our history-loving blue cruise guests can visit Bodrum, which is an ancient city. Since you are not allowed to enter the area with your vehicle during your visit, we recommend that you wear good walking shoes, a hat and water for your long journey.

Visiting hours: It can be visited all day long, but it is not allowed to enter by car as it is private property.

Bodrum Karakaya VillageKarakaya Village

There are a total of 60 houses, 35 of which have been restored in accordance with the original, in the 800-year-old Karakaya Village, where you will see the sign “Old Karakaya Village” on the way to Gumusluk. In order not to be seen by the pirates, you may not see the village where the houses were built by hiding among the steep rocks until you approach. Although it looks like an abandoned village with its two or three-storey old stone houses, we think it will impress you with its scenery and history.

bodrum model kent museumModel Kunt Museum

With its models and models in its archive, the Kunt Model Museum in Konacik Bazaar is unique in the world. “Ottoman Navy,” “Turkish Boats,” “Civilization Figures,” “Ottoman Figures,” “1st and World War II Aircraft and Armored Vehicles,” “Antique Chariots,” “Collection Cars Gallery,” and “Naval Antiques” were among the eight categories presented. The museum, which is located on the top floor of Master Architect Emre Kunt’s architectural office, has been welcoming visitors for 15 years with its various presentations. Aside from the models and models that Emre Kunt created with great passion over the course of half a century, the museum also features the works of Turkey’s most illustrious modelers. It is possible to visit the museum free of charge on weekdays during working hours. After purchasing Bodrum gulet charter service, you can request your representative to plan this on your blue cruise route.

Bodrum Tuzla Bird SanctuaryBodrum Tuzla Bird Sanctuary – Bargylia

The bird sanctuary, located 25 km from the center of Bodrum, is home to 125 different bird species. This natural wonder in Tuzla wetland, where the Aegean Sea meets fresh water, where you can witness visual feasts especially during the migration and breeding seasons, attracts the attention of nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. You can visit this natural area, which is not connected to any facility, at any time.

Bargylia, which has a high meaning of the world, is one of our historical area that has not been scientifically excavated. It is one of our ancient cities where you can see fragments of the First Age walls, temple foundations, an altar with relief, the remains of a theater, a small odeon, the remains of a stoa, Roman aqueducts, a Byzantine period wall and some remains of the necropolis.

Bodrum Saint NicholasSt. Nicholas’ Church

The church, dedicated to St. Nicholas in 1780, is located in the heart of Bodrum, known as the old town. After the population exchange, the Greek Orthodox church, which is set in a 370 square meter garden, was left empty and later used as a sponge warehouse, cinema, and public education center. The original foundations of the church, which were carefully demolished in 1969, can still be seen. By clicking here, you can get to the Church of St. Nicholas. You can walk there before starting your blue cruise vacation because it is close to the port where the boats providing yacht charter services.

bodrum windmillsWindmills

Due to Bodrum’s historical past, the windmills, which are located between the center and Gumbet Bay and have a beautiful view due to their location, are among the city’s landmarks. There are a total of seven mills, all of which were built in the mid-1800s and were used for the purposes for which they were built until the 1970s. The roofs of the mills, which are made of cut or rubble stone and have a cylindrical body, are in the shape of a wooden conical. The mill propellers, of which only one has survived to this day, were mostly damaged.