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Our selection of yachts and gulets appeal to all categories and budgets to provide our clients, the most satisfying yacht/gulet charter experience.


Turkey’s yachting destinations will make all the attendees fall in love with the country. Rich history and culture, fresh and tasty flavours, stunning bays and endless coastline are waiting for you to explore. Please check out our destinations and available routes.

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Dear Guests, as a Gulet Charter company, we serve you with the purpose of organizing a yacht vacation that you will collect delightful, flawless and unforgettable memories. Thanks to the different options in our portfolio, we are able to offer you the alternatives that best suit your expectations.

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Yacht Charter Turkey

The Gulet, which has been known in the world with its hull structure, has a wooden structure, a traditional appearance a Turkish patent and has been produced in Turkish Shipyards for more than 50 years. While small gulets were produced with very limited facilities at first, nowadays ultra-luxury and modern gulets are produced as well as gulets with a classical structure reaching 55 meters in length. Gulet Charter has become the accepted form of blue cruise holidays worldwide, thanks to gulets exported to Greece, Croatia, Albania, Italy, Malta, France, Egypt, Thailand, and many other countries other than Turkey.

Gulet Charter Turkey offers more than 2.000 charter options to sea enthusiasts and groups of people who would like to have their dream yacht vacation. These charter yachts can host 2 to 36 people and are divided into 4 main categories as standard gulet charter, luxury gulet charter, deluxe gulet charter and ultra-luxury gulet charter. In line with the expectations and budgets of our guests, we can organize yacht holidays in Bodrum, Datca, Bozburun, Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye, Kas, Kalkan and Antalya. We aim to make our guests’ holidays unforgettable by bringing together the unique tastes of delicious Turkish cuisine with our professional and friendly staff, as well as a 1-week gulet charter service, in the unique Islands and Bays of Turkey, which have the most suitable natural and historical beauties for the Blue Cruise.

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